Thursday, November 11, 2004

I'll never eat another Chicken strips after what I got served in Jollibee just a few hours ago. First of all, because their poster ads clearly promote that the that the chicken strips they were supposed to serve looked very bit crunchy and brittle on the outside. The three pieces of strips that I got looked like deep fried fish crackers! I thought ok, I'll give them a break. They probably messed up the batter. I got through the first piece fine, the gravy was piping hot so I didn't notice anything different. But after a couple of bites out of the second piece, the gag-reflex in my throat was starting to kick in. Said pieces of meat didn't break into pieces like what I expected from white meat while I was chewing it. After consuming about a half of it the thought that there's something wrong about the whole thing entered my mind. I looked at the strips and scraped off the outer layer. The pieces were grayish in color and had a smooth, almost shiny, surface. They used dark meat?! They used dark meat when their ads clearly show that the meat stuffed into those strips are white (taken from breast parts)? I expected juicy white meat and what I got were sinewy, slimy pieces of chicken meat that were taken from thigh parts (sinewy and slimy, these are reasons enough for me to avoid chicken thighs and legs)! Suffice to say I didn't enjoy the rest of my meal and walked away disgusted. Never again.

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