Thursday, November 04, 2004

Kylie Kwong's culinary show in Discovery Travel and Adventure Channel is one of the more interesting shows that I wish I could watch on a regular basis. As of now I'm at the mercy of accidentally catching it on the tube rather than looking at a time slot I could remember. I remember being intrigued with it the very first time I saw the ad some months ago. A cooking show that takes its inspiration from the five human senses? Sounds good. Looked even better when I watched it. Aside from the explosion of colors from natural lighting and whatever ingredient she has on hand, Ms. Kwong also manages to make the whole process very interesting with her Aussie accent mixed with some Chinese to produce a curious sound that's almost uniquely hers. The food that she serves looks (I'd like to say smell and taste but of course that would be impossible in TV land) like traditional Chinese cooking but fused with different influences. Unlike my previous favorite cooking show, Wok With Yan, during the 80s, she rarely uses staple Chinese cooking implements like Chinese cooking wine or Hoisin Sauce in her food. Plus the ambience that surrounds her kitchen, both inside and out, adds a surreal effect that makes everything she does magical.

She also revealed in one of the episodes that she originally wanted to be an artist and entering into the restaurant business never entered her mind even though a number of generations of women in her family had the knack for it. She worked in an ad agency after graduating with a degree in fine arts and graphic design. She became quite successful at it for a number of years before her true calling came banging on her door. Still, she managed to fuse her love for the arts into her love for cooking to produce a show that's one of a kind. A kind of magical tour where her kitchen is her concert hall and she conducts an orchestra of sights, sounds, touch, and smells to come together to produce a symphony of feasts fit for a king.

* Read up on her short biography if you're interested and this really good article about celebrity chefs.

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