Saturday, November 27, 2004

The long awaited launching of the teen-mag whose post stayed on top of the heap for weeks on end finally arrived. Prior to today, emails were exchanged between various contributors promising to attend mixed with profuse apologies from those who can't along with requests for ways to have their complimentary copies sent to them.

I got there exactly on time. People were milling around the store entrance happily exchanging stories and greeting those whose faces they recognized. I saw Ganns inside attending to some minor details, his wife Catherine was manning the booth, happily entertaining interested buyers and would-be buyers of the magazine. I also saw a couple of familiar faces like Ricky and Harold whose works and faces can also be seen inside the mag's pages. After a round of introductions to other people (or reintroduction to those who I've already met the first time we sat down to discuss the magazine), I went straight inside to tell Ganns that I was already there and that's when I first saw pop-artist Kitchie Nadal sitting by the sidelines with her manager at her side watching the others. The first thing that entered my mind was, "This is so cool!!!" She's looks more beautiful in person (far from what I remembered during her Mojofly days) and she looks really young for her age too. After a while, the program started with a short prayer then some introductions to what the magazine is all about before the special guest sang her first song. Here are some of the pictures I took during the event:

In front of Shepherd's Staff Bookstore

Kitchie browsing through the magazine

Catherine Deen opening the launch

Ganns delivers a little introduction to what the mag is all about

Kitchie performing the song "You're Worthy"

Strumming to the beat of the k-hon

Ganns and Cath enjoying themselves before the drawing of the raffle

Ricky and friend

Kitchie sang three songs in all from her album, two of which were composed for her greatest inspiration, "You're Worthy" and "Fire" while finishing off with her current single that's being heavily rotated in all radio stations, "Wag Na Wag Mong Sasabihin" (Don't Ever Ever Say It). Afterwards people lined up to get her autograph and pose for pictures and after she left to go to her next gig, Ganns raffled off some goodies like a P3,000 gift certificate for Avia shoes and a signed copy of Kitchie's album. Although I didn't win any of those things in the raffle draw, I still went home happy because I had my complimentary copy of the magazine autographed!YOWZA!!!

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