Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Origami girl, Camy's requesting us to contribute something for a book project that's going to be part of her thesis which revolves around the theme "Insomnia". Though I do have an idea on what to contribute, I'm sorta anxious, and also excited, about my plans for going about it. I'm going to do an experiment on this piece by way of rendering the final artwork in vector and doing it in a style different from how I do cartoons. Something like how Butch Hartman does his in The Fairly Odd Parents or the way Gendy Tartakovsky draws Dexter's Laboratory with thick, clean and measured lines that looks retro. And the only way I think could do that is to recreate everything in Corel Draw. I have already done some thumbnail sketches for the thing but I've yet to finalize everything maybe tomorrow.

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