Saturday, November 20, 2004

Today's the second and last day of the Artists' Den's campus tour in Assumption School in Antipolo which I wasn't really looking forward to because of the vast distance from our house to that place (Antipolo's waaaay out in the fringes of the Metro where the boondocks are). But still I made a promise that I would be making an appearance after begging off yesterday (the others went ahead early in the morning). I started out right around lunch time, took the MRT, then a colorum Toyota FX taxi to the boundary of Marikina and Antipolo, and finally took a semioccasional jeep that would pass by the small road leading to Assumption. Traffic was really bad due to bad weather and travel time was extended way beyond what I expected but what really made me swear off commuting to Antipolo ever again was the fact that the jeepney driver who I requested to stop in front of the road leading to Assumption completely forgot about it. I even asked him thrice if we were there yet (I couldn't very well see through the side windows because the vehicle was packed with commuters) and each time he wouldn't answer me. The only time that he did was after a couple of minutes when he asked if I asked to be let down in front of my destination, when I did answer in the affirmative he let me off on what I thought to be the one I was looking for. Unfortunately for me that place where I went down was way beyond the school which was confirmed by the tricycle driver parked by the side of the road. I had no choice but to commute back on the tricycle this time to see where I'm going and second, to get a more personal service which further put a dent on my pocket.

After getting down a small line of tricycle drivers offered to drive me to the school gate for 15 Php. I politely refused their offer and started up the road while rain started to pour down. I was grumbling and moping in my mind on the way thinking that I wouldn't be caught going this way again for a very long time. I finally got to join the group after a couple more minutes. School grounds was muddy and there were loads of people everywhere crowding the pathways along with the booths selling their wares (I forgot to mention that it's a school fair). Lyndon, Lico, Syeri, Jon, Patrick, and some of the guys of Ronin Core were there huddling around a small table. After a hearty welcome they showed me their sketches and shared some stories of what happened yesterday and earlier today. I took some pictures soon after settling down:

The "mysterious" ninja makes an appearance

Anime Club members laughing at the antics

Reliving childhood days with plastic balloons

Az bawls his eyes out thinking he lost his balloon

Patrick contributes a piece to what is hoped to be a Pucca plastic balloon sculpture

Which turned out to be more like a teddy bear than anything else.

A boy and his turtle.

Last minute caricatures

Az and Syeri reviewing our farewell greetings to our host org, the Anime Club

One of the funny things about this particular campus tour was the rediscovery of plastic balloons. These are made out of these colorful (and quite aromatic) plastic gunk packaged in tiny metal tubes. You squeeze out the gunk on the rear end of the tube onto a small plastic straw, carefully wrapping it on one end like so, and then you slowly blow into it till you get this big transparent balloon that only lasts for so long. We were big on this stuff, especially if one grew up during the 80s. I also made a big breakthrough on the character designs I'm doing for the second installment of the comic strip, His Story, for the next issue of LIVEtheLIFE Magazine. I'm aiming to do a humorous turn on the story of Noah and the great flood and prior to this day I had a hard time creating a prototype for Noah. That is until one high school kid requested a caricature with a stuffed sea turtle on his head (I didn't catch the title of the manga he was holding where the author also sported a sea turtle on his head). I was entertaining the idea that he should meet the bunny girl of ICA when the idea struck, why not do the same thing with Noah? So I did and that finished off a good number of character designs for this story. Syeri also contributed a good number of ideas for future strips.

We made our way back to the Metro around past 6 p.m. taking a jeep passing by an LRT station and taking that express way to the MRT and back home. We're now looking forward to another big event next month, and I'm hoping to get a new comic released in time for that one.

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