Sunday, November 07, 2004

Yesterday's MU tournament at the Market! Market! mall in Fort Bonifacio was okay and as expected the bulk of the crowd weren't comic book fans so I didn't sign up to sell anything. I did however went over to join the others in the afternoon after finishing some work at home. The sky was overcast and there was a light drizzle on the way there but that didn't seem to stop the weekend crowd from trooping to the new mall in much the same way I was. There was no problem locating the Artists' Den booth at the fringes of the activity center. Indie comics and books were spread out and while the others entertained their customers and friends who dropped by to say hello.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable with the tinge of pain brought on by the threat of ulcer, I went upstairs to look for a place to eat. I went in to KFC and I was a bit surprised to receive a packet of mayonnaise to go with my chicken strips. One of the local mayonnaise brands apparently was having a promotion, "pepper your deep fried food with mayonnaise for that extra kick!" Extra kick in your heart that is. Yum! After eating I went downstairs and watched Lyndon fend off two of his ICAn fans with his patent deadpan humor. They, in turn, made up for their presence by buying more than half of his merchandise which pleased him no end. Next part of the entertainment that we had while sitting around was the putting on of costumes of two cosplayers in the area behind our booth. The first one dressed as a huge robot (which went on to win the first prize) from the videogame Armored Core and the second was dressed as that character from the LoTR trilogy. These were the best ones as the other cosplayers came in the usual anime inspired characters. Here are some of the pictures from that event:

Mall edifice after the rain

Putting on the costume attracted a lot of onlookers

The Artists' Den booth

Cosplayers' parade

Lico mesmerizes girl with 'bullet-time' tricks

View of the booth from way up

Main floor

Az and Syeri

Studies and thumbnails for next week's strip

Activities slowed down later in the afternoon when the amateur bands competing for the prize finally ran out and the two hosts of the event gave way to the last two groups fighting for supremacy in the MU tournament. While the games were being projected on the big screen at the side of the stage I checked out some of the indie comics being sold and the others roamed around the place. Near the end of the event, Syeri, Jon, Ryan, Kix, and the others came back and relayed the idea of watching The Incredibles after packing up our things. The prohibitive price of the digital theater of the mall made us decide to go to SM Megamall (besides it's a lot closer to where we live). This even t was okay, I guess. The area was too open and half the crowd that we were expecting to come wasn't there so it's okay. It could have been a lot better, though. Maybe next time.

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