Friday, December 24, 2004

The Artists' Den had a follow through Christmas party last night to discuss plans for the upcoming G2 Convention next month and to exchange gifts among ourselves. Those in attendance were Syeri, Jon, Melch, Erwin, Az, Mark, RG, and me. It was nice and everybody had fun picking out who they would be exchanging gifts with, and I could have gotten away with my own gift (a ceramic coin bank in the shape of a Japanese cartoony Bull Terrier I bought in Humor Post) if Mark and RG hadn't arrived. Well, I actually picked my name twice so I could have gotten away with it again if I was really mean (insert maniacal laugh here). But I guess the one that I got (a humongous deflated stuffed orange poring toy) makes up for the whole evening. Anything that has the illusion of bulk is good, right? I'll just stuff it inside the cabinet along with the other souvenirs that I got.

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