Saturday, December 25, 2004

I 've always maintained that my mom's side of the family has more potential for historical affiliations which is part of the reason why I love going to Malolos, Bulacan every now and then. This point was proven earlier today when the main topic of discussion veered to the recent demise of Fernando Poe, Jr. An uncle (a cousin of my mom's and prominent sculptor himself) got to talking about yet another brush with fame when he revealed to us that FPJ's mother, Elizabeth Arnold, was a classmate of his during his Fine Arts years in UP College (along with stage actress Celia Diaz-Laurel and couturier Pitoy Moreno under the tutelage of Guillermo Tolentino). That he also got to meet Fernando Poe, Sr. whenever he would come over to fetch Ms. Arnold from school. He described the senior as simple, quiet, reticent, and quite shy around people despite his superstar status in local showbusiness industry. They were also very, very rich (quickly dispelling some rumors pertaining to FPJ's inability to finish high school due to the family's financial status), having their own Olympic sized pool in their own backyard (the senior was an avid swimmer), and a family inheritance that will distributed among the rightful heirs (I'll keep this one under wraps). My uncle's stories remind me a lot about the way local historian and head of the NHI, Ambeth Ocampo, would divulge historical gossip. One of the last things he revealed to us was about the Oblation statue at the University of the Philippines sculpted by Tolentino, the model for the statue was FPJ's dad mismo. When asked for an y particular reason why, he said there wasn't any particular reason for it. Nothing earthshaking. The senior was a UP student, academically decorated, and he had the perfect physique. Okay ba?

After going home from Malolos, we dropped by my cousin's house to drop off a couple of Christmas gifts. A whole gaggle of our balikbayan cousins, nephews, and nieces were also gathered there preparing to go to another cousin's house whose birthday was today. My dad thought that we should go (this was his side of the family) but the others were either unable or unavailable due to a number of reasons. So it was just me and my dad who drove over after resting up a bit. Food was good and the company was great as we exchanged stories and jokes. After a while my niece suggested that we play the board game Cranium to pick up the pace. My cousins begged off and continued drinking their coffee and exchanging stories, so I went out with my nephews and nieces in the garage and played with them. I haven't seen most of these peeps in four years (like they were wee laddies back then and now they're rambunctious teenagers) and besides things were getting a bit too serious back inside.


Daniel has his eyes closed drawing as his teammate/cousin, Joseph guesses the answer to the clue

Joseph and Daniel watching

Josh and Timothy

I've never had as much fun playing with them as with the others as they took turns goading and distracting the other from guessing the answers. They also had these toy guns with laser sights that alternately pointed at each other playing the role of gangsters from the hood. It was all good and we all had great time making me think that I never grew up much at all. Harhar!!!

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