Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I was feeling restless again so I went out to the mall to read my book. And since I also didn't want to splurge on food this time I ate my dinner right before I went. I already had the ideal place in mind where I'll be staying in for at least an hour, sorta quiet with just the right amount of crowd to provide me with all the white noise I needed to concentrate on my book. I ordered a chocolate shake as soon as I arrived, sat down in one of the tables near the back and dove headlong into the text. I took a break after about an hour's time, the better to chew and digest all the information I've read. Different thoughts ran through my mind stirred by questions and realizations I got from the book. I went down to the Surplus Shop, a bargain bin selling factory rejects and the frugal person's goldmine for branded clothes. I was sort of running on automatic pilot going in and out of the changing room looking for a new polo I could buy while chewing the information I retained from reading. I finally found a quirky one with red crabs printed over which I had a good laugh. I also thought of getting one with a thousand and one brown fishes but instantly saw it was a big disaster waiting to happen so back to the rack it went. Went home when the mall was nearly closing having fulfilled whatever it is I haven't set out to do but did anyway.

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