Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Is boycott the proper response to something one doesn't like? Case in point is the current Metro Manila Filmfest with is predictable coterie of movies. Well, aside from a few flicks with a potential to be come classics like Cesar Montano's Panaghoy sa Suba and Joel Lamangan's Aishite Imasu 1941 (a real web site would be a big help for fans of these films people). I haven't watched these two yet but from the looks of the movie trailers that they've been showing these past few weeks I don't think I'll be patronizing most of the local industry's recent output. My answer to the question is both a 'yes' and a 'no.' It's a 'yes' because I can't figure out how come an industry that's dying can still come out with inferior products that they expect people to patronize. Including big name actors in a production doesn't always mean that the flick will be good. Traditional local producers have a notorious reputation for banking on these ancient techniques rather than good storylines and production quality. And during the awards show, which is held halfway through the festival, they would dare to pat each other on the back for a job well done! Pfffft!

The answer's also a 'no' for reasons that there are also a few exceptions and we should always, always patronize these few exceptions, no matter how far and few they are in between. Secondly, people who complain about the lack of good movies without doing anything about it does nothing but compound the problem. The industry's already dying and there's no need to hammer any more nails in its coffin. What we also need to do is come up with a good film that speaks to the heart and mind of the Filipino. It doesn't need to have spectacular SFX, just some good 'ol storytelling will do (as our Asian neighbors have taught us). Because unless we do something about the whole thing, we wouldn't be left with anything at all.

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