Sunday, December 19, 2004

The last time the Artists' Den had a Christmas party was the year 1999 and all attempts thereafter to duplicate the fun we had at the time during the succeeding years unfortunately came to naught. We didn't have any idea where to hold it. Fortunately though Az remembered that our friend and fellow Denner, Camy, sent out a standing invitation for us to drop by their house whenever we can. Why not use the opportunity to hold the group's Christmas party? But her house isn't quite as accessible to many of us so we suggested and asked why not hold it in her Uncle Carlo's house in Greenhills? Who by the way is also a Trekkie and a friend to a couple of members of the group like Lyndon so it wasn't very awkward. So last night me, Wilson, Lico, Patrick, Elbert, Trish, RG, and first timers Cklaighe and Delurianne, along with the aforementioned folks above:

Me, Mark, and Wilson

Patrick and Az seems to bite their lip as they listen to the discussion

Camy, Trish, and RG watching some videos

Lico trying out a new trick he learned

Elbert and Mark

Delurianne, Cklaighe, and Trish

Dubbing "Cutie Honey" our way

Camy's mom did a bang-up job on the food which we ate with gusto. After eating, whipping out digital cameras and taking pictures of each other, we settled down to watch the Japanese comedy-action movie Cutie Honey. We had no problem with the movie although the dialogue was done in the original language with no subtitles since we supplied our own translations. More specifically Lico and Lyndon supplied the words that got us all doubled up in knots from laughing so hard. Afterwards some us ate some more of the leftover food and drank more Coke before settling down for a round of discussions that border on the philosophical (I was tempted to jump in and contribute an answer but unfortunately I haven't yet formulated a complete answer at the time) before drawing away to another topic that involves a series of events, rumors, and real answers to said rumors regarding some events next year. Or something like that. We left for home past 1 a.m. favoring taxis and buses as the fastest of transportation to our homes. Hopefully we could do this again next year with more people in attendance.

* First and last pictures were supplied by Azrael Coladilla.

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