Friday, December 10, 2004

The mean Grinches are at it again. After an atheist, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to have prayers in school banned starting June 17, 1963, everything started to go downhill with more ludicrous pronouncements for banning Christian symbols for no apparent reason other than it being offensive. There are numerous recent examples like the 10 commandments monument that was banned off City Hall and Judiciary property, culminating with the move to have the Pledge of Allegiance and Declaration of Independence banned from schools because of the line "under God" and for acknowledging the existence of a Creator. Last year the Salvation Army was sued by the ACLU for discrimination and now they're going after the Boy Scouts for another charge of discrimination, but not before attacking popular symbols of Christmas that acknowledges, however slight, a reference to Judeo-Christian beliefs. Like, need we remind them why we're celebrating Christmas in the first place? I would have labeled them as Scrooges except that even Charles Dicken's Christmas Carol was banned from school! Other ludicrous things that are happening in parts of the U.S. include the banning of Nativity scenes but Muslim and Jewish symbols allowed, New Jersey School bans Christmas carols, Florida bans nativity scene Courthouse bans nativity scene, etc. They charge conservatives and Christian majority with bullying the minorities but with these things happening right now, it wouldn't be hard to figure out who the bullies are (what's the basis of their judgment anyway?). God cannot be mocked and to keep Him or any knowledge of Him away from people will be at our own peril. Christians and conservatives shouldn't keep quiet and let liberals get away with these small victories eroding the very foundation that U.S. government is standing on. First we should keep in mind that all moral laws had its roots in the 10 commandments of God, join every move to have prayers reinstated in school, to defend the pledge of allegiance as a basic right of you Americans, and to know your rights in putting up Judeo-Christian symbols of Christmas as stated by The Rutherford Institute's 12 Rules of Christmas. If any one of those pin heads come up to you and sue you for offending them with your rightful displays of Christian belief, it's great to know that you also have the Thomas More Law Center on your side as well. I just pray that the good Lord will cause these grinches' small hearts to grow three sizes one day.

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