Monday, December 06, 2004

My writer friend and churchmate who created the hit Fantaserye (fantasy series) Mulawin was featured in one of yesterday's Sunday Times Magazine! The show isn't a surprise to me since she already mentioned its conceptualization last July 11 on our way to a friend's wake in Manila Memorial Park, what surprised me the most was the HUGE following among local TV viewers! I haven't watched any episode beyond the first one because of my erratic schedule but judging from the reactions from the growing number of friends who watch it and from newspaper and magazine reviews, I must say it's really phenomenal! Those who aren't familiar with the show can check out two official blogs: Mulawin Network (which has screenshots from every episode along with the corresponding captions) and Mulawin (where production scenes are explained in detail) to get a feel on what this successful show is all about.

Part of yersterday's article about my friend reads:
Competition gave birth to what is now the biggest hit on prime-time television. And Abi Lam was at the center of it all. Scriptwriters like herself were told that soap operas no longer attracted the audience.

"We were told that what prime time needs now is a 'super soap'," she explains in the vernacular. "One that will get people talking, bowl them over in a positive way. A super soap that will change the trend in Philippine television."

At that time, water creatures were making waves for GMA's rival station so Lam and her fellow GMA writers logically decided on "heavenly creatures."

"We started asking ourselves what characters would be considered 'heavenly creatures'," she continues. "But we decided against angels to avoid a show that's too preachy. And that was when Mulawin was born; a story that would soar high above on the wings of birds."

"In the case of Mulawin, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we don't show the realities of evil. We do show them but in a way that won't scare the viewers, most especially the children. But at the end of confrontations between the Mulawins and the bad guys, we show what is right and what is good." (read the whole article here)
Awright! I asked her about the release of the entire episodes on DVD and she said that it's still in the works. I can't wait for it to come out so I can finally watch the series without those annoying commercials interrupting my enjoyment.

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