Saturday, December 04, 2004

The only pop-culture event to cap the entire year is finally over. It was way better than our last outing although the alloted time for the event was shorter. The event titled una kAME was held inside the University of the Philippines' Bahay ng Alumni Building and started around after lunch. I got there sometime past 11 a.m. and most of the Artists' Den members have already set up their stuff on the tables provided. Contestants were having their final rehearsals onstage giving us samples of things to come. Come 1 p.m. the gates of the venue opened for business and curious anime fans started pouring in. Not necessarily in our direction but still any crowd is good. Sometimes people would wander in our area and cautiously scan the indie comics spread on the tables. They're partial to "serious" drawings or anything that remotely resembles Japanese manga but not those with cartoony contents but that's okay. Business started to pick up middle of the afternoon when the sizeable crowd attracted to cosplayers came in droves. There were a couple of surprise visits from the peeps connected to the local comic community like Woofydogg (whose Filipino Comic Book site is a valuable resource) and there were others like silverskie, who I got to know from deviantART.com. As for the performers on stage, there were some good ones (like the female quartet who sang like Enya), the guest yo-yo acrobats, and this one female cosplayer who sang the english version of the Voltes V theme (that got most of us singing along with her and yelling afterwards for her to follow it up with the theme song of Mazinger Z or Daimos). Here are some of the pictures from the event:

Lico in ninja mode

Woofy and silverskie

Camy modelling the latest Beerkada shirt

Cosplayer 1

Cosplayer 2

View from the table

Denners selling their wares

Agent Smith on stage

All in all it was a very fun event, a time well spent with good friends and promoting our craft to new audiences. My only complaint is about the ear-popping performances of J-rock inspired bands. The program organizers could have at least waited till the very last part for them to come on stage. The last picture with Az and RG performing original compositions were fine though. There should have been, I think, three more members in that band but got sick or something. The first song they did sounded something like out my fave 80s new wave band, New Order, would do in a concert early in their career. Unmistakable techno-pop music and drum machine beats, guitars, and an unsure vocals barely heard over the music (die hard new wavers out there would surely know what I'm talking about). Very nice. I've asked Az about it and he told me they'll try to come out with an mp3 version of their music sometime in the future.

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