Saturday, December 18, 2004

Tina, Ganns, me, and Harold (at least his back) working on the cover's new look

How do you get the message across the right audience? That was the question we tackled when Ganns called us magazine contributors to his house down south (well there was a Christmas lunch but I didn't make it in time but that's ok). The brainstorming was also a lesson for those of us who are planning to put up a publication of sorts in the future. But as with all things that needed many heads to plan, sobriety was the order of the day. We can't be too excited about what we want brakes had to be applied or else some of us could could come off with strong opinions that I'm afraid might offend some artistic sensibilities without actually knowing it (can you tell I'm walking around eggshells here?). I'm not saying that I'm an expert on doing layout as I'm sure the others had great ideas on what to change or add but we felt we had to go slow and find a certain point where we could all compromise what we want to put into it. While we gathered around the computer and experimented with the fonts (both title and contents) and background color cum design, each of us watched, contributed, disagreed, cajoled the other, reacted violently, eventually reaching a sense of satisfaction with grins pasted on our mugs. We managed to start the cover on a journey from being conservative to something zingy that reflects the tastes of the next generation. It's still far from perfect though but at least we're heading there now.

* Thanks to Ricky Manzano for the picture.

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