Sunday, December 26, 2004

We buried my friend today, my artist friend who's sorely missed by everyone whose lives she touched. The wake was being held in Cavite City and I never knew how far that was from the metropolis until we got there. It was a closed coffin thing but her sister allowed us a peek when she couldn't: her face was a mess, I couldn't really tell that it was her. Mortuary make-up people didn't do much of a good job on her like the last few cadavers I visited. A few friends were there making a picture collage memorializing every happy moment that she spent. There were a lot of back stories, some of them pertaining to the sloppy way the police handled the case but I didn't get to catch some of them since everyone was talking in whispers and I didn't have the gall to ask her sister to repeat everything she said. The priest who officiated the funeral mass gave his final blessing to the dead and I think it gracious of him to do so, at least alleviating the family's grief one last time (because although the Catholic Church has softened its stand on granting suicides a christian burial because it's considered a serious sin, it often denies them the final blessing). We finished around late afternoon and stopped over to have dinner in Ayala Center in Makati City before finally heading home.

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