Wednesday, December 15, 2004

When I was a kid the term Filipino Komiks referred to works of old whose artistry was very obvious and the names During the time when we were kids the we knew the names Nestor Redondo, Francisco Coching, Larry Alcala, Nonoy Marcelo, et. al. long before we even found out the names of Marvel Comics' and DC's great artists. Sad to say, a huge gap came between that time and today creating an enormous lack of appreciation among Filipino talents. Fortunately, appreciation for local comic talents is slowly gaining a foothold among the high school and college students who not only patronize homegrown indie stuff but also come up with one of their own. With this prospect in mind local comic book publishing company Mango Comics is coming up with a program to keep the prices of Filipino comics competitive while coming out with quality materials that's truly world class. They're still working out all the details and you could read more about it here. In the meantime do check out Gerry Alanguilan's awe-inspiring online Philippine Comics Art Museum.

You know how I clamor for Christians to sit up and take notice of the arts? And I'm talking about the usual low grade cheesy stuff they use to illustrate hastily drawn mini-comics or tracts. I'm talking about serious art! The kind that makes people go "ooooo-aaaaaaahh!!!" and all googly eyed with wonder and admiration. Well here it is finally, a contest open to all professional and amateur comic artists from all over the world. Sponsored by Comix35, a non-profit, nondenominational ministry which has been organized for international Christian comics training. Interested participants are invited to submit original, one shot short comics features (1, 2, 3 or 4 pages maximum) that are evangelistic in nature and/or that display some aspect of Christian discipleship. Editorial Emphasis: The message of your comic should be appealing and understandable to a non-Christian audience, without compromising the message of the Gospel. There are two cash prizes awaiting each category:
• A prize of US$ 1200.00 to a professional comics producer
• A prize of US$ 800.00 to an amateur comics producer
Plus three (3) free copies of the contest book when it is printed. Other comics producers whose submissions are chosen to appear in the book will receive one (1) free copy each. All submissions are encouraged to be sent in CD or Zip Disk (300 to 400 DPI at 100%). Original art works can be sent in but it should not be larger than 280mm wide by 432mm tall (approximately 11 inches x 17 inches) and should be mailed flat, not folded. If possible, all original artworks should be accompanied by a CD or Zip Disk with scans of the originals in high resolution (300 to 400 DPI) at 100% of the original size and a low resolution version (72 DPI) at 50%. You can read the complete contest details here and contest rules here.

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