Friday, January 07, 2005

The first day of the Games and Gadgets Con has passed and I am so dead tired. I haven' t got much sleep last night as I finished preparing everything around 2 a.m. and I got up a little past 7:10 a.m. today. The reasons for getting up early was that there was an agreement between Mark, me, Patrick and Lyndon that we would be at the booth early to set up the place. And that they would be at the house around 9 so I had to get an early start and cook breakfast for the family before going on my way.

This first day was a ho-hum affair and there wasn't much activity happening except for the buzz around the other booths where you could try out the new video games for free. Hoping to create my own buzz I gave away a good number of CLASS folders away for free. The way I see it, this was an opportunity to create an awareness for my own comics (which has been languishing in limbo for the longest time) and get rid of the surplus merchandise. I won't be doing it again tomorrow which I'm sure will see a lot of people coming in. Here are most of the pictures I took from the event earlier today:

Jazz shows his true colors as he mugs his fellow Autobots

Indie comics galore in the Den's booth

Nadia, Lyndon, Lei, Patrick, and Mark

These pictures from today's con were provided by my good friend, RG. These selections came from the shots taken by Az and Mark:

This is it!!!


This is the group's booth without the other artists posting their artworks yet.

Getting ready for the first day crowd

Drool worthy indie comics

Clowning around under the spanking new banner

That's me drawing a caricature (left) and Wilson and Delurianne comparing notes (right).

Az reacts to the comment made by his stuffed Gunbound Dragon (left) while Patrick and Lyndon laughs at a joke (right).

Half-Life booth

Tantra booth

Renegade Autobot toys prepare to hack a laptop computer

Az and RG emceeing the cosplay parade

A bevy of gorgeous cosplayers from the online game Skyblade


Winners of the first day's cosplay contest

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we'll be dressing up in business attire these first couple of days of the convention to help change the stereotypical image of the comic artist wearing geeky shirts and jeans. Yeah we can still dress up nice if we want to. Some of the highlights of day includes a surprise visit from najanaja, the beerkadette we know and love from Lyndon's ever busy tag-board and the TransFormers toys (care of Mark and the TransFormers Philippines group) that provided us with endless hours of mindless entertainment and laughter.

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