Sunday, January 02, 2005

I had one of those Hollywood movie type of dreams again recently. This time it was set in a remote island in the Pacific during the mid-1940s. It starred Richard Dreyfuss and Julianne Moore as the leaders of this small band of army spies left to their fate by the US Government. The reason for this is that aside from their status as being expendible, they're the best of the best and they were sure to survive even without the government's help. In the dream they're sent on a mission to infiltrate the enemy's headquarters and find out where their weakspot is. Dreyfuss and Moore plays a divorced couple but are still in good terms with each other. Dreyfuss every now and then would try to win Moore back with his charms and witticisms but Moore is already on to his ways and just as easily deflects them with some of her own. Under their direct supervion is a platoon leader, deftly played by Tom Hanks. I don't remember much of what happened or how the story was fleshed out, all I can remember was that it was a story of intrigue , romance, comedy, and good 'ol action. Wish I could remember the details.

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