Sunday, January 16, 2005

I went out with my old friends, Jorge and Sheila, again last night. Been quite a while since I last saw them and last night's dinner was a welcome respite from the goings on in the world of comics (and other related stuff). Besides, I missed out on a lot of things on that part of the circle like birthdays, the recently concluded holiday season, and just plain hanging out in their office. I showed them the newspaper where the birthday strip I did that saw print last week and they were beside themselves laughing. They asked if they could have that copy as a souvenir which I gladly gave before settling down to eat. We had a lot of catching up to do and the load of topics that we talked about ranged from recent pop culture conventions that I participated in and the secret lodge of the Masons to future birthday celebrations and politics. After dinner (which went ont for more than two hours) they invited me to join them for some drinks in Villamor Airbase. In the vicinity of the badminton court, to be precise, where his older brother, Joseph and some friends had gathered after a round of games. Not a drinker myself, I just took one bottle and held on to it throughout the duration of our stay there. The fun thing about having their peers in the military around during these sessions (their dad's a retired high ranking officer) is that you get to hear insider information about current issues published in the newspapers.

The small party was disrupted a few minutes later after they got wind of the news that their younger brother had an emergency situation. It was already past midnight and they didn't want to think of the worst. Thank God it didn't evolve into something that couldn't be handled by the brothers themselves. Jorge kept apologizing to me for the disruption and for dragging me along in this situation. I just kept telling him that I was just fine and there wasn't any need for an apology. It was quite an exciting ride actually, one of their friends, a General, kept remarking afterwards that Jorge's driving reminded him a lot of the way they would convoy with other government officials. It was really that fast. After everything had settled we moved our small party to their house and continue exchanging notes about what happened. I got my customary one bottle and listened to them. We went our separate ways around 3 a.m. earlier today and I was forced to get up at seven due to our traditional Sunday breakfast outside the house. Wish I could still stay in bed.

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