Monday, January 10, 2005

It has been two years since a good friend of mine and me last saw each other. Although the opportunities to communicate were still there (that's what Friendster and text messaging is for) we didn't do anything about it. He had some problems eating him up on the inside and he took the time to sort things out on his own. It took the death of another friend of ours last month to open the lines wide open again.

We had brunch last week, his treat, and we caught up with each other's stories and work. Last time I saw him he was graduating from college and quite an emotional mess. He's now working in a call center and he has an air of confidence and maturity around him now. Experience taught him a lot more than I ever could. Back then I provided a listening ear and some good 'ol advice for him to fight his demons. This time around I felt that we were on almost the same level, thinking on the same wavelength, and sparring using the same weapons of knowledge. I'm really happy for him these days and most of all I'm grateful to God for taking good care of him better than any of us, his friends, ever did. To think that this is only just the beginning.

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