Monday, January 24, 2005

Just came home from the Artists' Den campus tour of Sienna College in Quezon City. The day started early but not too early, more like at 9:00 when we had a standing agreement to meet at McDonald's Quezon Avenue at the foot of the MRT station. Lico and Lyndon were already there when I arrived five minutes after the appointed time. There was an ongoing seminar in the closed area beside the table where we were waiting and to while off the time we came up with lots of inane reasons for the seminar, with Lico supplying the words for the speakers. I tried to suppress my laughter (after all those inside can see us laughing and all) while telling them both to cool it before any of those inside figure out that we were making fun of them. Syeri and Jon arrived not long after and then we started laughing again as they contributed their own ideas as to what's going on behind the glass. Patrick came next just before Melch sent a text message asking where we were as he was in SC already and the kids' parents were asking him where the others were. By then it was almost 10 a.m. and we were very, very late for the planned lecture.

Syeri started the ball rolling by introducing the group and what the kids will be expecting from the workshop. Lico then took the stage and started his lecture about storytelling in comics. It was hot and they were already bummed for being made to wait too long that by the time I took my spot in front of the white board to teach them about character creation (which after Lyndon after Lico) hardly anyone was listening. Besides they were all clamoring for us to do our examples in the shape of SpongeBob SquarePants and his coterie of underwater friends and I, FOR ONE, DO NOT WATCH SPONGEBOB! I honestly can't understand what kind of appeal it has on everybody (I'm more of a Rocko's Modern Life, Fairly Odd Parents, and Jimmy Neutron kinda guy). You could sort of get an idea how my part of the lecture went. After me went Melch, who sort of got their attention again when he taught them basic anatomy using a manga-styled drawing. Here are some of the pictures from yesterday's tour (care of Mark and Az):

Kids doing an exercise in character anatomy

Checking their work

Melch drawing Squidward

Doing a lame Mickey

Bubbles! Bubbles everywhere!

Finding time to draw


Cheers for a job well done

I never went again for the afternoon session simply because I was so engrossed with Syeri's upcoming Carpool book and Lyndon did a very good job in creating a rapport with the kids (to think that I almost got the job teaching Grade 5 students). I also did well with the merchandise, successfully selling off most of those that I brought compared with the past conventions. In between sessions we would draw cartoon characters from memory and comic panels (you could see more of them pictures here), goof around with the microphone to announce anything that comes to mind, and watched Mini Moni The Movie: The Great Cake Adventure that RG played on his laptop. We finished off around 4:00 pm and we all got these great tokens of appreciation from the school administration. I didn't go with the others afterwards to eat out, I had a prior appointment with my mom to watch a movie tonight plus of course there's the lecture at DLSU that I have to prepare for too.

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