Friday, January 14, 2005

Mannlich-Violet (2005)

Forken In Full Color (2005)

These impressive examples of mecha art was done by a friend of mine, John Velasco. His works remind me a lot of the old school mecha designs, like the ones Dr. Hell, Baron Ashler, the Boazanians, and the likes liked to build (those who grew up in the 70s and 80s would know what I'm talking about). Personally I much prefer those curvy bot lines than the more recent angular ones. You wouldn't believe how long it took his sister and us friends of his to convince him that he had what it takes to be a good mecha artist (you have to see what he did with the "Tricycle Transformer"). He's a registered nurse by profession and he didn't seriously think that he was an artist. It's always the same story with those real good ones who prefer to lurk in the background rather than be in the spotlight. It's a common thing among artists to hide behind their art and basically there's nothing wrong with it. Exhibiting a worthy piece of work in a designated place is not the same as pushing oneself and gloating on the faces of other people. Besides, I believe it's about time other people took notice of this guy's awesome, awesome work.

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