Saturday, January 01, 2005

Me and my brother just arrived from taking pictures of the purported "World Class" fireworks display orchestrated by pyrotechnics experts that the organizers flew in from five different countries (browse through the pictures below and judge for yourselves). Before this the family had a quiet dinner at Congo Grille in Ortigas before driving to the nearby EDSA Shangri-la Hotel for some coffee and dessert. The latter plan didn't push through as every establishment was either reserved for new year revelers, priced at a couple of thousands bucks per person, or closed for the night. Frustrated and tired we went home and settled in front of the telly. After about an hour or so my brother asked me if I was interested in going with him to Ayala in Makati City to take pictures of the fireworks. Not wanting to remain home and have my eardrums beaten senseless by the noisy firecrackers the neighbors were sure to pop, I agreed. The street party (pic. 1) was a mere shadow of the new year's eve party five years ago. A lot of people, both locals and expats, rich and poor, were walking, smiling, and talking among themselves, and at times staring at those sitting by the sidewalk. Columns of white light coming from well placed spotlights along the avenue were dancing across the skies, jumping from one cloud to another while everyone eagerly anticipated a show to beat all shows. Come midnight the fireworks did start and here are what they looked like (pics. 2-10):

It fell well below my expectations and as I'm sure it did everyone's. These were almost the same sight we saw all throughout the holiday season outside the malls and theme parks. Still it wasn't all that bad. Everyone had a grand time watching the non-stop display or lights and colors. Yeah it was fun. I wish I knew who among my friends also came to watch the fireworks at that same place. Anyway, happy new year to you all!

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