Saturday, January 15, 2005

One of the topics we discussed at the Artists' Den meeting last night was the improvement for the group's website. The plans of this site has long been overdue (in fact it spent almost 5 years on the drawing board) and it's mere existence as a functioning thing has been put up with the help of our good friend, Az. Graphic-wise the site's still trying to find its own identity. As much as possible we wouldn't want to monopolize it to cater the comics crowd. Though that's what the group seems to stand for right now, it wasn't and still isn't the reason why the group was put up in the first place. The group was put up to support struggling artists like painters, scupltors, writers, poets, digital artists, graphic artists, theater and film, singers, musicians, etc. This country has been blessed with a plethora of talents and what we're seeing still is just the tip of the iceberg. And in our small way this site, like what the IndieFilipino.com does with theirs, will hopefully cast its light on those who are still left out in the dark.

* The forums are also now available for subjects, questions, and suggestions you'd want to discuss. Registration is free and open to all artists and their patrons.

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