Tuesday, January 11, 2005

So who's hitting who first?

I just arrived from watching Blade: Trinity with my mom at the mall, and yeah the movie was good but it could have been better. The movie looked promising in the beginning, sorta like a continuation of the showdown at the old temple dedicated to the blood god in the first movie. A group of "young" upstart vampires awaken Dracula to help them gain the ability to become "Daywalkers." The latter becomes intrigued with the drastic changes the world has gotten itself into allows himself to be brought to their HQ. Soon after they set a series of events into action. They ingeniusly framed Blade (Wesley Snipes) by letting him kill one of their human servants in a raid and setting the police and the FBI hot on his trail. When they did man age to capture him (entailing a sacrifice on the part of Blade's mentor, Whistler, to try and buy him some time) the gang of vampires led by Danica Talos (Parker Posey) made an appearance to bring their arch-enemy into their care. But before they could do so, the predictable entry of the cavalry in the persons of Abigail Whistler (Jessica Biel) and Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds) saved our hero from certain destruction. They introduced themselves as part of the group, Night Stalkers, a group of vampire hunters committed to the extinction of these monsters. Soon after, Dracula invades their lare as the others were busy putting a blood farm of the vampires out of commission. This course of actions forces a final showdown between the two groups.

While the action was good but there wasn't much variety, just the standard kung-fu stuff that we've seen thousands of times before (where are the big guns, sword fights, nanchucks, burly fights, etc.?). I also love Parker Posey as a dressed up whining and pouting brat in her other movies but she's all wrong for this one. Was this movie trying to replicate the coolness factor Traci Lords helped brought in the first movie? You decide. And Dracula? Please. While the silhouette at the onset of the film made him intimidating and all (something like the armor in Coppola's version), he wasn't anything but that when seen in human form. He should have stayed in the shadows. And what's the with the Drake nick? Eesh! I think the move would have benefitted a lot with his absence. Other characters like Hannibal provided a welcome break from other grim and serious characters. And unlike the other new characters, his was the only character with depth and long term likeability (aside from Blade of course). Abigail's getting there and though she had all the qualities to make an unforgettable character, Director David Goyer didn't afford her the luxury to do that. So what I would want to see right now, in case the Blade series stops here, is a spin-off focusing on these two new vampire hunters. Maybe by then, with a new director, the franchise would pick up again.

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