Saturday, January 08, 2005

We just concluded the second day of the Games and Gadgets Con and as expected it turned out to be better than yesterday's affair. The throng of fanboys and fangirls we were waiting for the whole day yesterday came out in full force today (today being a weekend and all. Yey!!!). Their presence was a welcome relief to yesterday's less than enthusiastic and okay-let's-get-it-over-with crowd. Friends and friends of friends like Taga-Ilog (creator of "Pasig" in Culture Crash Comics) and the elusive Arman Roy Canlas (creator of "Armor Troopers" and "Ibangis") dropped by to see what the con was all about and how our indie stuff was faring. I'm not as tired as yesterday having been able to sleep earlier last night. I just couldn't believe I forgot the camera back at home. As before, these selected pictures came from Az and Mark's camera:

Den members with Arman (seated, extreme left) and Taga-Ilog (fourth from the left)

Two customers waiting for their caricature

Another caricature in progress

"Singing HAIL! HAIL! The Gangs All Here. Leave your worries at the door boy... ONE MORE TIME!"

Don't worry we won't tell *Wink* *Wink* *Nudge* *Nudge*

We know she's laughing, she just doesn't want us to know it

Lyndon pole dancing

deviantARTists on the loose

O di ba?!

Black mask and Natsumi of You're Under Arrest

You're Under Arrest cosplayers

I forgot where this character is from

These too.

A character from Ragnarok (left) and the Fifty-Peso Ninja (right)

Are these from Ragnarok too?

The Witch-king of Angmar


Three of today's cosplay winners

Ecstatic crowd cheer their favorites

We also had a lot of artists from the deviantART community passing by our booth signing their names (along with a small drawing of themselves) on a piece of paper that we provided and parking themselves on the floor beside the tables. There were also some young artists curious what our support group is all about, asking how they could join. Everytime they'd do so we'd automatically point up to the email addie pasted on the banner above us. And the cosplayers... Oh man, wow. The costumes these people come up with just keeps getting better and better! I should also mention that they're also getting bolder and bolder leaving nothing much to the imagination. I didn't catch the names for the winners of today's contest as I'm sure the judges had a real hard time making up their minds. Speaking of which, Lico joined the cosplay contest today as the Fifty-Peso Ninja after egging him yesterday to join the contest for fun (it's a fairly new character he created at our last gig in U.P.). You gotta hand it to him for courageously getting up onstage and meeting the crowd and other well known characters head on. Never mind if it's the first time they encountered such a character, in fact, I think the first and only original character to be cosplayed onstage and no less than by its creator himself.

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