Sunday, January 09, 2005

We just concluded the third and last day of the G2 con. It was a fun but tiring weekend, but it wasn't as tiring and as packed as today was. For about quarter of an hour or so I was drawing caricatures left and right. People kept coming up to me asking me to draw them next (for a token fee of course) even if I wasn't finished with the drawing I was doing for a customer at the time. I'm extremely grateful to my fellow artists who supplied me with endless paper like Jon. A funny thing about capturing their likeness on paper was the fact that I had to look at them every now and then while pencilling the whole thing. On the few seconds that I'm afforded to scrutinize the shape of their heads, eyes, nose, mouth, hair, etc. these people that I'm drawing would move or turn away leaving me usually less than a second to commit an outstanding feature to memory. Doing caricatures is one of the hardest things to do getting an immediately reaction from your intended audience usually packs a wallop for one's self-esteem. If they like it then hooray! but if they don't the thought that you're not good enough an artist would begin to eat you up inside wreaking havoc on subsequent projects. I used think that I couldn't do caricatures and that only a few gifted cartoonists would be able to do one. I even read how-to books about the subject, hoping against hope that I would be able to do one. Then I thought, what the heck am I doing? I'm a cartoonist and everything I do freehand falls under the category of cartooning so what am I doing struggling with this thing? I should just let it flow and not worry about anything. Right? Right, that's how all cartoonists should think when venturing into doing caricatures. Of course it also pays for you to hone your God-given skills to a razor sharp edge.

As also expected, today being the finals for the cosplay competition, serious contenders came out from their hiding places to slug it out onstage. I'm not familiar with most of the characters they donned for today's programme and there are those characters I know were taken from online games and anime features like Ragnarok and Robotech but I couldn't sepcifically identify them by name (hence the lack of descriptions). Of them all I can only name Tis Morrigan Aensland (Dark Stalkers), Prince Zardoz (Voltes V), and Karl Ruprect Kroenen (Hellboy), which is somewhat pathetic. Anyway, here are some selections from the pictures that Az and Mark took from the event earlier today:

Busy busy busy

Some of the stuff we're selling in our booth

These ones are mostly mine except for the sketch

Unicron wants to know if you've seen this man

Mini Moni Philippines performing

Robert Wong and his latest cosplay masterpiece, a Zerg Hydralisk from the StarCraft game

You have to hand it to these two for being easy favorites

Agent Smith

Job well done for everyone involved

I had a harder time sorting through the images I got, leaving out some of the really good ones out of of consideration for the space thing. There will be a lot more events during the first half of the year, with two more coming before the end of this month alone. It's quite daunting if you think about it but if you figure in the fun factor, it's something we're all looking forward to in the coming days and months ahead.

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