Thursday, January 27, 2005

We just finished a whole day holding a seminar about comics in De La Salle and I'm beat. We started early, around 8:30 a.m. to be exact meeting each other at the McDonald's beside the school (an odd one with a green roof). We only had a few monutes to eat breakfast since our lecture starts in half an hour or so. The number of attendees fell far below what we were expecting but it was ok. The series of classes was part of the alternative classroom program that the school's administrators instituted so their students could get a feel of the curriculum that are otherwise not part of their course and/or not being offered by them. We had fun discussing the history of comics and since this isn't an art class it was a refreshing change from the same old discussions of basic anatomy, layouting, scripting, and other stuff like that. What we basically discussed revolved around marketing one's work and understanding the history of comics and the pitfalls that they should avoid in doing one. Here are some of the pictures from today's activity:

    Lyndon opens the floor by discussing the creation of comics

    I follow it up with the same topic but inject it with some of my own inputs

    I distributed some samples

    Gary does his piece on marketing one's work overseas

    Az talks about the basics of organizing an event

    Lunch time

    We were also able to show some of our works and discuss them along with the merchandising possibilities. We feel that there's a growing market for comics and creators should know how to go about the business the right way. If you'd like to see more pictures then haul over to Az's online album.

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