Sunday, February 20, 2005


Apparently the "geniuses" of Warner Bros. doesn't believe in the old rule of not fixing something that ain't broken by tampering with their classic cartoon characters and "reimagining" them to fit a new audience. This is to mean that they're slowly putting the old ones to pasture till no one remembers them anymore. If the original designs of had the power to make us laugh amid a background of tranquil meadows and painted forests, will we be able to expect the same from these new ones? Probably not.

The story is set in the year 2772 and based on the preview they've shown, these characters seem to be working for a mysterious lady boss named Maxima and the new characters have their own superpowers, some of which are lame attempts to build on the old humor: Duck (built-in sonar), Slick (regenerational abilities), Roadster (Super speed), Lexi (Super hearing), Spaz (Jaws of steel), and Buzz (Laser vision and a martial arts expert). Something's definitely also amiss when President of WB Animation, Sander Schwartz, chose not to comment on the statement put forth the statement brought about by MSN interviewer that although kids have seen movies like The Matrix they still remain kids and their taste haven't changed. Instead he asks those of us who grew with the old classics to "lighten up." Good grief.

* If don't agree with what they did with the characters and would rather read what the crtics have to say about all this, then click these links: Look What They Did to the Wabbit (New York Daily News), Bugs Bunny's futuristic makeover a Looney idea (The Plain Dealer), and WB Seeks Revitalized Cartoon Franchise with new look for Bugs Bunny and friends (Post-Gazette.com).

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