Thursday, February 17, 2005

I couldn't believe the fact that Marvel Legends series 9 figures was cleaned out of the shelves! I just found out about it when we checked out Toy Kingdom earlier today after a meeting in Megamall. Just a few weeks ago we were talking about its arrival in local stores and with mounting excitement we also heard about the possibility of building a 16" Galactus with the available pieces if you collect the whole set. And they've all ran out?! Am I supposed to moo and go to the lions' den in Greenhills and beg the almighty hoarders to be able to buy a set at ridiculous prices?! I really hate it when this happens. In another (related) news, I stumbled on a wonderful site by graphic artist/designer William Burns that showcases custom made action figures of comic and cartoon heroes and characters that big toy companies think is too much of a risk to release. One of his creations featured above would be a familiar sight to fans of a certain carrot-top genius shown in Cartoon Network:

From the Cartoon Network's Dexter's Lab is the ever patriotic Major Glory!! The base is two parts, waist up is a STAS laser-blast something Superman beefed up with Milliput, the bottom half is a NBTAS Nightwing. The head is a Tick with Milliput sculpting for his mask and enhancement on his chin and face, as are his gauntlets and boot tops. The cape is from the same Superman and works great in holding him up.
Haul your heinie over to billcustoms.com to see more goodies but in case you couldn't get enough of custom made figures and you want to see more then click this link.

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