Saturday, February 26, 2005

I got to watch Parokya Ni Edgar play last night at the spiffy Metro Walk after spending almost the whole day at the hospital. My younger treated me out last night as his way of thanking me and making me feel better. The timing couldn't be more right as I was feeling real low yesterday after missing out on a lot of things and not having done anything I have planned in advance (hence the post below). I didn't know they were there last night and I belatedly remembered this ad I saw earlier in the newspaper about this launch that a cellular company was doing. When we got there True Faith was finishing up their set before another band came on stage. We ate in one of the restaurants there and I was already halfway through my meal when I heard the hosts of the show introduce the last band of the evening. It was all I could do to gobble up everything before dashing outside (leaving my brother to wait for the bill) to watch them perform:

They're great

Chito and Buwi

Gab and Buwi


Gab and Chito

Sure I like them and lead singer, Chito Miranda does a great job entertaining the crowd with adlibs and funny spiels but he does go overboard most of the times. I mean, he knows there are kids in the crowd (he even acknowledges their presence for crying out loud!) but he just couldn't help but do or say thinly veiled references on the obscene. He can still be funny without doing those things but does he have to resort to that? Take away those songs with vulgar references (which take up around half of their albums) and I'll have no problem watching them perform live. But that doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy some of their performances, particularly the live version of The Yes Yes Show (Gab took over the lines of Vinci who was absent [see last picture]).

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