Sunday, February 20, 2005

Is it me or Discovery Channel's line of programs have been getting better of late? I just finished watching this one feature on the program Rides that featured a killer airbrush art by artist Mike Lavallee of Killer Paint Airbrush Studios. Painting flames on hot rods are cool but painting life-like raging fire on vehicles is definitely 10 notches higher! The program featured this owner of a 1934 black Chrysler tracking down Mike after seeing one of his paint jobs on his friend's car. Mike explained the whole thing on TV from conceptualizing and doing a study of it on his computer and mixing the paints to sanding the shiny surface and putting on a total of 15 layers of paint before rolling it out to show it to the happy owner. My dad was watching with me and he remarked that I should take in a job like that doing airbrush art on vehicles. I didn't say anything because first of all, airbrush art around these parts is a dying breed and they're not being compensated well for their labor and second, I still couldn't manage an airbrush, and thirdly, my artwork doesn't even come close to what these guy can do. Still it was a good watch and if ever time came that I could afford my own vintage Chrysler (even a PT Cruiser) with extra cash to boot, I'd ask Mike to do his job on that car and turn it into the best looking hot rod ever!

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