Monday, March 14, 2005

Hell happened. Or something like a close preview of it at the bank when we were held against our will for around three hours by sadists posing as bank tellers. I arrived about 11:35 am, got a number (25) before checking out the one they're presently serving at the time: 67. So I thought, ok. There weren't that much people inside the bank, maybe they've gone out to eat their lunch early, I'll just wait my turn and walk out of there in no time. The difference of 58 numbers in between the present one and my number didn't bother me as much. That however was changed when one of the two operating tellers closed to do something we couldn't figure out what. It was bad enough that there weren't much to see inside the bank other than the usual business posters promoting their services, the book I brought didn't help things any. The tone was a philosophical one and I felt brain matter turning to sludge as the clock ticked on. I couldn't concentrate on that so I took the lone newspaper lying around and got through almost all the articles in 30 minutes. There's still no sign of them ever speeding up their services. Some of those folks sitting beside me began to grumble and complain among themselves about what's been happening. The bank manager heard what's being said and offered an excuse for the delay. If it was my first time to transact with the bank then probably, most probably, I would buy that excuse. But no, this has happened before and what they're doing, making their clients wait without any explanations or move to correct an error (one teller = 50+ clients) is horrible. If they persist with this practice, it may prove to be their undoing in the future.

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