Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The internet connection at home's acting up for the nth time in two days so I thought it best to surf the web outside the house. Found this new place inside the MRT station where I can spend time reading through the posts from different mailing lists threatening to clog my mailbox (the most notable of which was this link Jonas got from an online forum somewhere) and update this blog. Being under a strict budget I followed the deadline of one hour and moved out to my usual haunts in the mall. Walking is good so the feeling of restlessness lessens with every sight and new faces that passes me by. There were slim pickings in Powerbooks especially in the arts section. And is it just me or the graphic titles in the arts section are really getting scarce compared to architecture and interior designs? Even books related to movies and theater are encroaching on their spot. Highly disappointed by these discoveries I headed over to the comics section to drool over the Batman: Arkham Asylum Anniversary Edition and Violent Cases. Artist Dave McKean's work has that effect on me as I held the graphic novels in my hands and thought of the wonderful things contained within its covers. A long weekend's coming and I'm seriously considering buying one of the two books to keep me company whilst I plan for future projects and such. After that I had my dinner in a quiet nook upstairs and doodled while pondering the storyline for next week's strip.

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