Tuesday, March 15, 2005

It happened again. You'd think that I would have already learned my lesson and stayed away but nooooo... I had to be all optimistic about it and fell right into the pit. AGAIN! You'd also think that the bank tellers would have also learned their lessons from yesterday's disaster and speeded up their service. It was much, much worse this time, the difference between my number and the number they were calling at the time amounted to 75. New people around me grumbled again prompting the manager to offer some weak apologies before standing up and personally checking what the hold up was all about. Normally I would be all patient about this but my sense of humor quickly dried up when one of the three tellers closed for another round of shuffling and stamping of other people's deposit slips and one of the two remaining tellers remained moving in slow motion for the duration of my stay. In my mind I would target specific clients who lingering at the counter making small talk with the tellers behind the glass, these ones I would imagine myself shouting and pointing an accusing finger without ceasing. There was this one particular client who would daintily take her time counting her cash on the counter as if there weren't all these people waiting to be called. The bank teller serving didn't help any as she continued to go on her dainty way, walking and moving in slow motion. I don't how they couuld maintain there poise when the number of waiting clients mounted to alarming numbers. If there's any consolation it's that I got to read a good number of interesting articles in the only newspaper available. I wouldn't have known about these if it wasn't for the torturous waiting time.

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