Monday, March 28, 2005

More than a couple of works are on the table right now waiting for their chance to the read and the need to announce its creation would hopefully stir curiosity and interest in these titles spurring me to work on its final creation and immediate release:

One proposed scene from the comic featuring then Spanish Gov. Gen. Ramon Blanco

1. Revolucionario - the oldest project I have ever planned spanning almost 10 years now. Inspired by the newspaper articles of local historian and NHI President, Ambeth Ocampo I came up with the idea of doing an entire series on the Philippine Revolution (1896-1898) and Filipino-American War (1898-1901). Loosely based on the diaries of an ilustrado turned General in Aguinaldo's army it's filled with pages upon pages of thrills, chills, and excitement while (hopefully) laughing your guts out! With celebrity guest appearances by Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, Juan Luna, Pio Valenzuela, Emilio Jacinto and others you'll get a low-down on what happened during one of the most exciting moments in our country's history! I have no idea yet how many issues it will take to tell the stories but the initial draft for the first issue came up to a total of 76 pages. This is the biggest and most ambitious project I have so far.

Some of Mr. Jones' wacky illustrations

2. His Story - a fairly recent project inspired by Dennis Jones' gouache illustrations in The Super Heroes Bible and Mike Thaler's writing in the Heaven and Mirth series of books. Initially the plans for this title was to create a series of one page comics like this one scene from the Garden of Eden and Noah's Ark (the former saw print in the teen mag, LIVEtheLIFE). Then while watching the movie, The Gospel of John, the thought occurred to me why not do the whole in comic book format? Originally I wanted to start with the story of Moses but right now I'm leaning towards the direction of the Gospels.

A peek at their family's history

3. West Side Stories - Similarity with the title of the famous play be damned, I like the title! This one will be much easier to do and will be seen a lot earlier than the other two titles. This project is composed of a series of short stories told from the viewpoint of each of the four main charaters of the comic strip, West Side. These tales will deviate entirely from the comicality found in the strips and serves to delve deep into their personalities to show their wants, wishes, hopes and prayers as they try to cope with the changes in their lives. The first story will be included in the first issue compilation of the strip.

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