Friday, April 08, 2005

As expected nobody signed up for the alternative meeting place I posted in the mailing list. Nobody even bothered to acknowledge the proposal. What did I tell ya before, right? Just a simple "Sure!" or "Sorry, can't make it" would have sufficed the at least I'd have a clue whether I could inform our host of our impending arrival or regrets. If I didn't even post an ultimatum threatening to cancel the whole thing because of the lack of responses that letter wouldn't have generated some responses from a few folks. But still the responses were too few and I got tired of waiting so sent I a cancellation notice and a regret to our host. I have no idea why I agreed to posting that announcement in the first place.

This is the strip Lyndon posted in the ML spoofing the whole thing. Yeah, it's best to laugh at the whole thing and fuhgetaboutit.

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