Saturday, April 30, 2005

Busy day. I'm finally finished with this busy day. First it was the comic workshop our support group, the Artists Den held at the conference room the wonderful people of Yehey.com lent to us. Aside from the minor panic brought on by an apparent miscommunication between some of us organizers at the start of the seminar, everything went smoothly from thereon. Ryan had the first go setting the direction of the workshop with basic anatomy (our sit-in guests, Ed and Wilson were also nice enough to pitch in a thing or two about the same subject too). I had my turn at it after a short break giving a short talk on some unwritten rules and principles on creating comic strips (some of which I already discussed in previous posts). Then after me came Jon talking about indie comic production. Oh yeah, most of the attendees were members of deviantART Manila group. We hung around for a while talking among ourselves evaluating the workshop before going down to look for a place to eat.

Sketchbook time! I'm thinking of redoing the punk he met at the door.

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