Saturday, April 16, 2005

Finished with the second day of the Sining Gala workshop and I feel fine. The number of the attendees dwindled somewhat but they were replaced by three new peeps including the lone girl in the group. I taught them the principles behind the creation of comic strips by explaining to them that doing comic books and comic strips, although sports the same material on the surface, is different from each other. I told them that they have to think fast to make two different materials (visual and literary) work together in a short span and small space. that it's basically telling a story. After a couple of hours' worth of lecture I asked them to create a group and apply what I taught them to do. In the meantime I brought out my collection of local indie comics (those I bought in various conventions in the recent past) and showed them examples of what other young people like themselves can do. I also met the head organizer of the event, Larry Bacabac (friend and former college classmate of a friend, Joanna) who explained to me the whole idea behind the workshops. Apparently the barangay authorities wanted to promote the Ugong River Park as an artist's haven and what better way to start it than by holding a series of free art workshops for the residents. These series of workshops were as yet experimental and if they do get an overwhelming response to what they're doing then this will be expanded and continued as a monthly thing.

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