Friday, April 15, 2005

The first day of the Sining Gala Summer Art Workshop has finally come to an end and prior to all expectations to the contrary (or something like it) I did have fun. I had a total of 12 kids listening to me do a lecture on what it means to be a cartoonist doing comics and teaching them the right way to draw human figures using the standard 8-heads rule. This was done amidst the flurry of preparation for the theater, music composition, and other performances some of the kids participated in the first week of the festival. Good thing I managed to hold the kids' attention by giving them the floor every now and then, asking them to particpate and open up a little about their involvement in the arts. It's a good thing too that I managed to pull the whole thing off considering the fact that I didn't prepare pretty much on the lecture. What I did was to recall the past lectures that I did during the various campus tours with the Artists' Den, add whatever things came to mind that I belatedly realized should have been mentioned at those times and fit them to this particular audience. I also brought some comic books like Bone, Calvin and Hobbes, Pugad Baboy, Pearls Before Swine, etc. for them to look at so they'd know what it is I'm talking about. Here are some pictures taken earlier:

Welcome banner

Getting some inspiration from Bone.

Browsing through the Pearls Before Swine book

Checking out Calvin and Hobbes

Pencil sketch of Pugad Baboy character, Igno.

One of the persistent questions the kids kept asking me was if I was the one drawing the comic strip Pugad Baboy in the Inquirer. I denied it of course but after the nth question I had to ask where they got the idea. Turns out the promoters included that "fact" under my name without checking the facts prior to the event. While I can imagine their disappointment for not being THE famous cartoonist, Pol Medina Jr., my ego was also shattered. In a way I soothed their disappointment and proved that I was capable of backing up my authority to teach cartooning by drawing one of the characters from that strip, my favorite character, Benigno "Igno" Ramos rocking the guitar. Actually one kid requested that drawing towards the end of the workshop. He asked me to copy that one character from the book and draw him playing an electric guitar. Mr. Medina would be pleased to know that I didn't let the kid down although I offer a thousand apologies to him for forgetting to include his name and the title of his strip in the artwork.

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