Monday, April 11, 2005

I'm here at an internet cafe submitting my strips to the paper after the net connection back at the house conked out on me just when I was about to go online. The thing about it was that I was supposed to insert a movie quote in the last panel to support the punchline, but without the net connection I was forced to submit it even though I wasn't satistfied with how the humor turned out. Me and the guys also attended two separate meetings earlier today with the head honchos of these two companies that would be helping us with some planned events that we have in mind. Everything was arranged beforehand by the great and powerful, Az so there wasn't much cause for concern (unfortunately he wasn't able to attend the first meeting because of school). The first meeting went smoothly as the company rep did most of the talking and the explaining of what their plans were for the big event while we handed over our written proposal for our plans and just mostly listened. The second meeting commenced some four hours later in a high-rise building in Ortigas where these pics were taken (while waiting for our contact person):

Lyndon jokes around while Patrick stares ahead pretending not to hear anything

Az takes a shot while I listened to the adlibs being thrown around

We were given a tour of the office after a short presentation of the plans and proposals on their part and ours. To say that we were excited about the whole thing is an understatement as almost everyone in our group kept repeating the name of the company (which sounds like a common expression) and coming up with silly one-liners to celebrate a done deal. Afterwards we proceeded to the nearest McDonald's for a repast and to analyze the next steps in our plan. Man, I'm whacked. Bushed. Beat. Pooped. Tired.

* Pictures courtesy of Az.

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