Thursday, April 14, 2005

My cousins held a despedida party for their parents (our uncle and aunt) last night at their house with most of our relatives from that side of the family in attendance. I went with my parents and aside from my eldest brother and sister-in-law my other siblings didn't make it. I'm not big on parties these days, probably comes with the age but I'd rather have a quiet evening with a small group of friends talking exchanging ideas on topics whether it be business or social issues (although I do tend to stay quiet and bite my tongue if there are enough people in the group that I'm not familiar with). It's probably because we never really got close to our cousins when puberty hit. We were close back when we were kids but everything's different now. We can't discuss the same things without having a long lull in between topics. And even though there are the usual rituals of asking how you're doing these days, I can't help but feel that they don't really mean it. Like if someone asks you how you're doing (which is a general question) you'd be answering them the same way with a series of responses ranging from "Ok" and "Still alive" to "Still breathing" and "I'm doing good." If anyone asking for your welfare is sincere don't you think they'd be also more specific with their questions? Like if they're asking how you're doing they'd fish for other information from you so you'd know exactly that they're really interested in hearing how you're doing.

I stayed close with the group of aunts and my parents while they discussed household matters and those of their kids. It was also in that same table I shared with the lot of them so the topic of conversation didn't really matter to me. Other cousins who exhibit the same disposition as I do sat down around the table and sometimes contributed some anecdotes and laughter (why is it that older people tend to look at life with ease and levity while those closer to my age tend to look at it a lot heavier than they should?). We stayed till almost midnight after which it was a series of goodbyes for the cousins, cousins-in-law, and nephews along with last minute conversations and pagmano with the elders that usually delays the goodbyes for a good couple of minutes. They left for Daly City very early today, we'll probably see them again late this year. Wish I could go there myself for a vacation.

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