Sunday, April 17, 2005

Third day of the workshop is over and this being a Sunday most of them kids arrived late. This time around I taught them to create their own Sunday format strips by applying the exercise that we did yesterday. And after finishing a rough sketch of their comics I get to check it and show them how they can improve on it. Afterwards I passed by the VCF Center in Galleria to join the praise and worship part of the service before going home to take a short rest. After a couple of hours I went out again to Starbucks to do the comic stripI should be submitting tomorrow. While doing the pencils I would look out the window every once in a while and watch this group of young 'uns pass a paper among themselves and draw other people sitting across them. I went back to my work after they dispersed but after a while a stranger came up to me and introduced himself as an illustrator. He saw my work and thinking it looked familiar came up to me and struck up a conversation. He was the same guy who passed the paper among his friends outside the window. I put down the pens for a while and we talked about my work before moving on to the common struggles an artist encounters. He also opened up the fact that he was the only artist in his group of friends and he explained to me that his friends were just trying out their hand in drawing but they weren't into it. The relief he felt after finding someone who could relate to what he was talking about was ecthed on his face. I then invited Dino to join our artists' support group's mailing list and the regular Friday meetings in that same place. I jotted down his email and promised to send him the invite before he left. That's something that doesn't happen to me everytime. Cool.

* * *

This strip came out today, again tackling the subject of Star Wars. If you like this one then you should definitely read up on his takes on episodes I and II in the various recent collection of books that he came out with.

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