Sunday, April 24, 2005

We just came back from watching The Interpreter and it was awesome but very confusing. The first half of the story set the pace of the movie and the plot was clear but halfway through the movie when investigator, Tobin Keller (Sean Penn) started picking up some things from U.N. interpreter, Silvia Broome's (Nicole Kidman) past that makes him also suspicious of her motives that everything began to get complicated. Is she also part of the conspiracy to assassinate a controversial African dignitary, Zuwanie (Earl Cameron)? Tobin was often put off by bits and pieces from her troubled past that kept surfacing at inopportune times that one would also begin to question her if she's telling the truth or not. Try as I may to keep up with the plot I was hopelessly lost in the maze of controversies. Plus the fact that everyone kept spouting off names and facts out of the blue prevented me from connecting one to the other. There was way too much information and if it wasn't for the superb acting of the film's two leads I also would have been bored out of my wits.

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