Thursday, April 21, 2005

Went to Malolos yesterday with my parents to help my aunt take care of some personal matters. The thing I like about provincial trips are the opportunities to practice my burgeoning photographic skills ("burgeoning" daw o! Hehe.). I took on to taking pictures after lunch while everyone was getting settled and letting the digestive system take its course, I puttered around the small garden surrounding the house and also outside where I saw what I believe to be Cat's-tail Grass growing in a small of patch of marsh located just across my aunt's house. All in all I managed to capture around 31 images 25 of which can be seen posted here. We went home after a couple of hours to avoid the rush hour traffic (which was totally non-existent at 4:30 pm). I went out to the mall after a few hours to browse some through some books and magazines in a bookstore. That's where I came upon this book, People in Vogue: A Century of Portraits. Fascinated by some astounding samples of photographic plates shown in an open copy I took some shots from my phone of those that interested me the most. These are but some of those shots that I took from that book:

Jay Joplins and Sean Taylor-Wood, 1998 (detail) by Sean Ellis

Ballet Society, 1948 (detail) by Irving Penn

Sybil Thorndike, 1929 (detail) by George Hoyningen-Huene

Brad Pitt, 1992 (detail) by Bruce Weber

Jean Seberg, 1957 (detail) by Norman Parkinson

Catherine Zeta-Jones, 2001 (detail) by Regan Cameron

Really fascinated with those pictures. With a bit of tweaking here and there in Photoshop I even managed to turn those low-pixel photographs into something decent. Those samples I saw in the book all the more cemented my resolve to focus (though not solely) on black and white portrait photography. I ust need to come up with a brilliant (read: cheap) solution to soft lighting to achieve the same effects that portrait photography seriously entails.

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