Saturday, May 07, 2005

It was during the mid-90s during college when I saw my first Bruce Timm art and I fell in love with it at first sight. While everyone else was going around trying their darnest to copy Jim Lee's or Marc Silvestri's art, I was discouraged from doing so and told to stick to doing cartoons. It was around this time that I discovered Batman: The Animated Series. Of course back then I didn't know the name of the artist whose style was being used for the animation (the internet was at its infancy then and I didn't know much about it) but I knew that the style reminded me of the 1920's and the crisp, sharp lines showed me that rendering superheroes in cartoony styles can be possible. I liked his art back then and I still like it now. Although lots of people have discovered him through the JLA cartoons, I'll always have the stake on claiming that I was one of the early huge fans of his art back when it wasn't in vogue.

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