Thursday, May 05, 2005

We just came back from watching xXx2 at the mall and I know I should be liking it since a.) the first xXx movie rocked, b.) "Die Another Day" Director, Lee Tamahori was at the helm of this flick, and c.) Ice Cube's pretty cool in some of his previous movies I've watched. So why am I not rushing out there knocking heads and convincing them to watch this film too?

Let's see.

The action scenes are right in on the money, the same kind of action sequences one could expect from the director of one of the best James Bond movies I've watched. But looking back, there was something missing in all that I just can't figure out. And what's up with the new xXx, Darius Stone (Ice Cube) relying on an underground army of carjackers and what-have-yous to fight the enemy? To think that he was personally handpicked by Agent Augustus Gibbons (Samuel Jackson) because he had more guts and attitude than the first xXx, Xander Cage (enemy agents assassinated him early on). At least the first agent who had no formal training almost singlehandedly finished off a German crimelord's army with only his wits to rely on. And don't get me started on the movie soundtrack. Blech. The franchise embarrassingly falls flat on its face, despite the fact it's a no-brainer action movie to begin with. That's what I get for expecting too much from this one.

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