Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I'm restarting the His Story series to focus entirely on the Gospels before going back to the Old Testament (which was where I orginally started with the stories about Adam, Eve and Noah). I'm not sure if I can manage to sneak in a whole gaggle of funny moments but the cartoony drawings will more than make up for the lack of it.

I'm nearly finished with the introductory page, just have to insert one more detail into the page and it's ready to roll. Hopefully I can also manage to make it into a weekly thing.

On a bit of a downside, there seems to be a problem with the communication with our contact with Yehey! The front page of their Funny Pages mixes up both written jokes and comics page which is really quite confusing, not to mention very frustrating on the part of those contributing comic strips to their site. I already sent them an email detailing the problem. I'll write about this again when I do get a response.

* Seems like the joke was on me. Yehey! Senior Channel Editor, Laszlo A. Lim pointed out that their site does have a separate section for the Komiks section. Hehehe. Oh man, what was I thinking?

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