Tuesday, July 05, 2005

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Did you know that Luke was the only Gospel writer to provide a list of the names of personages ruling over the land at the time that made the approximation of the start of Jesus' ministry possible? He didn't give the exact date though this site, 15th Year of Tiberius however did which makes everything a bit more fascinating. Also did you know that the Jews consider the name of God, YHWH so sacred as to be unspeakable they came up with the title, Adonai (or "Lord") to refer to God? This also provides a way out for them from breaking the 3rd Commandment. I'm also guessing that John wasn't above that rule and dared not pronounce His name* even his most private prayers (given these facts you'd think people would take great care not to use God's name so lightly these days).

And speaking of names, or rather titles, we're all familiar with His titles like Messiah, Prince of Peace, Son of God, Alpha and Omega, etc. etc. These titles inspire either comfort or awe depending on the given title but there were some that weren't really familiar like these (links to passages in the scripture were provided whenever available): Creator of the Farthest Parts of the World (or universe), The Way To Go Home, King of all gods, King of Nations, The One Without Compare, Strong Horn of a Mighty Fighting Bull, A Rugged Mountain Where I Hide, Governor, Gardener, and The God of the spirits of all flesh. Intriguing isn't it? There are more than 150 titles listed and I encourage you to check them out either as an interesting piece of trivia or as a way to deepen your relationship with Him.**

* You can check more of these revealed names here, God's Names speak to and reveal God's Identity, Constitution, Nature, Character, Essence by Paul Newcum.
** You can read more titles ascribed to God in the Bible at the JCSM site, God's Names.

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